Prodelcon Sdn Bhd

Since 1985


Prodelcon was founded by Mr Billy and Mr Chew. With a business proposal of their dreams in hand, they set out to gather investors whom believe in their dreams. They found a company secretary who saw the future of their dream and accumulated investments from local investors. This marked the beginning of Prodelcon’s journey with just a 6 man start up in a small rented building located in Sungai Pinang, Penang. Prodelcon started by building precision tooling spare parts for the semiconductor industry.


As Prodelcon grew alongside their Multi-National Corporation customers, so did the headcount which led Prodelcon to move to a new site in Kampung Jawa with a bigger space and increase headcount to 25 employees.


In 1994, Prodelcon went from making spare parts to making complete IC mold sets. With the knowledge obtained throughout the years in the precision tooling industry, Prodelcon had no issue designing and making complete IC mold sets.


In 1995, Prodelcon successfully used Wirecut technology and EDM to machine ejector pin holes which helped produce mold consistently and economically thus giving Prodelcon a very strong competitive advantage. Prodelcon then received an opportunity which made Prodelcon emerge to be amongst the top suppliers in Penang. Prodelcon was given the chance to collaborate with a company in Singapore to help build the IC mold sets for a major Multi-National Company. This was where Prodelcon penetrated the mold industry which led to the expansion of Prodelcon. Prodelcon expanded its second plant in Sungai Tiram with a total headcount of 60 employees who specializes in carbide grinding, assembly and mold testing.


Due to the increase in demand, Prodelcon had to expand to a bigger land. This was where Prodelcon set up a new plant in Bayan Lepas Phase IV. Prodelcon moved their manufacturing plant from Kampung Jawa to Bayan Lepas Phase IV, this time with a headcount of over 100 employees. Prodelcon expanded its core business and dived into manufacturing of Auto mold conversion kits.


Due to the mold making and automation business being very volatile, Prodelcon began penetrating the mass production manufacturing business to stabilize revenue.


Prodelcon was able to get listed under Jotech Holdings Bhd, a combination of Prodelcon, Jotech and AIC.


Prodelcon established a second plant consisting of 2 semi- detached light industrial buildings for mass production machining nearby.


Mr Billy was able to convince their major customer to allow Prodelcon to assemble RF Microwave devices. This was when Mr Billy flew to the United States to transfer the project to Penang. This marked the start of the MPA project which became among the pillars of business for Prodelcon.


The second plant was subsequently sold to the existing tenant after Prodelcon expanded the current factory by adding additional 18,000 sq ft for mass production machining.


In 2012, a merger was made between Jotech Holdings, Auto-V, and AIC which formed Globaltec Formation Bhd. Globaltec Formation was then re-listed on Bursa Malaysia. It was in this very year that Prodelcon started the medical business which includes surgical instruments and implants.


With the rising growth in the economy, Prodelcon built the new Plant 2 which is currently located in Penang Science Park, Bukit Minyak with a total land area of 180,000 sqf. Prodelcon currently has over 300 skilled employees.